The Egg Box


Come and visit the farm stand. We have farm fresh eggs available and a seasonal variety of salad greens, herbs, berries, onions, garlic.... and anything else we have been harvesting. Check out out 'What We Grow' page for more details.

Located at 32300 NE Old Parrett Mountain Rd, Newberg


Herbal Tea

We are now blending and releasing our 2017 loose-leaf teas.  

All of the ingredients are grown, dried and processed here on the farm and are hand-crafted to order in small batches.  

  • Farmhouse Blend - peppermint, chocolate mint, lemongrass, calendula flowers & stevia
  • Double Lemon - lemongrass & lemon verbena
  • Many Mints - a custom blend of 5 different varieties of mint
  • Chrysanthemum - popular in Asia, this whole flower tea has many health benefits
  • June Blooms - In partnership with B&P Hill Farm of Sherwood, Oregon (certified Organic since 1989), this is a floral blend containing linden blossoms, calendula, chrysanthemum, lemongrass and stevia.

A little bit about some of our ingredients:

Lemongrass:  This tall, bunching grass does not typically winter over in Oregon, but we grow it as an annual on our farm. It has many health benefits, including calming, detoxifying and stress relief.  Some of its naturally occurring vitamins and minerals include C, A, magnesium and iron

Calendula:  This flower is also known as a pot marigold, but is actually not related to the common marigold.  It ranges in color from all shades of yellow and orange to pink.  It is known to containBeta Carotene, Vitamin A, C and E,  antioxidants and be soothing to the stomach.


No preservatives - All Natural Ingredients

All of our teas are loose leaf and we recommend steeping for between 4 and 6 minutes. Works extremely well as ice tea too!

To get your hands on some, see our stockiest page or contact us for special delivery or pick up at The Egg Box.


Culinary Syrups

Garden Huckleberry

(available seasonally December-March farm direct)

We grow this amazing fruit from seed each year and it produces dark purple berries about the size of a blueberry that ripen in the fall and are best harvested after the first frost.  It is actually not related to the wild evergreen huckleberry that is common in the Northwest, but is instead in the Nightshade family (along with peppers and tomatoes).

Use our culinary syrup to drizzle over ice cream, a savory soft cheese, in cocktails and teas or as a breakfast topping.