Because we are always finding new and unique varieties, our crop list changes from year to year.   Below is a list of some of our crops.

Fruit / Vegetables

Garlic     July - March

Kale & Mustard Greens     May - July

Stella Dark Cherries     July

Raspberries     June - September

Armenian Cucumbers    August - September

Butternut Squash     August - December

Heirloom Tomatoes     July - September

Summer Squash     July - September

Mixed Hot Peppers     July - October

Hyper Red Rumple Waved Lettuce     June - August

Flashy Troutback Lettuce     June - August

Miners Lettuce     March - April

Orach (Mountain Spinach)     June - August

Rhubarb     April - June and September - October

Sugar Snap Peas     May and October

Fresh Herbs / Garnishes

Salad Nasturtiums     June - August

Calendula     July - October

Douglas Fir Tips     April - May

Garlic Scapes     May

Basil     Jule - September

Fennel Seeds     September - December

Fennel Fronds     July - October

Thyme     March - September

Rosemary     January - December

Sage     April - September

Peppermint     March - July

Spearmint     March - October

Chocolate Mint     May - October

Garlic Chives     March - September

Oregano     March - July